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The Pond Gardens of Ada Hofman

The Pond Gardens of Ada Hofman


The Pond Gardens of Ada Hofman

Westeindigerdijk 3
7778 HG Loozen
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This magnificent 2.25 ha. pond garden was constructed in 1987 by Ada Hofman, author of several books about ponds. About 30 gardens, including 50 ponds have been projected around three large natural ponds and together they form the huge garden.

Ada Hofman has managed to gather one of the largest collections of plants, bushes and trees in the country. In the ponds as well as in the garden many animals have been introduced, for instance grass snakes, frogs, blindworms, various fish species, salamanders and lizards. The green frog population is the largest in the Netherlands. Also birds do like to visit the garden and the kingfisher is a regular guest. In summer and autumn, the butterflies appear.

Ada Hofman was committed to educate about everything having to do with the ornamental pond. Her speciality is keeping the pond water clear in an organic way, so without any chemicals or filters. With some 50 ponds in her garden, varying from 420 up to 2,500,000 litres of water, she shows to have the right point of view.

The Pond Gardens of Ada Hofman
The Pond Gardens of Ada Hofman
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