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City Vollenhove

City Vollenhove


City Vollenhove

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Vollenhove is a small town with a rich history. In 994 the town was first mentioned in the Netherlands named Fulnaho (forest of birds). There was a huge forest where a lot of hunting took place. In the years following, the town of Vollenhove grew bigger. In the 12th century Vollenhove a got a citadel and church. The latter was built by the Utrecht bishop Godfried van Rhenen as a protection against the raids by the Stellingwerver Friezen. In the course of the years the citadel/church was repeatedly restored and renovated. There is a historical story known about the citadel or fort as it was called later, but the Fort was completely demolished and the moat was converted into a harbour. The church is still there, but over the years it was often renovated. The old church is under the south hall, the side wall and under the lawn between the south wall and inner harbour.

Vollenhove is a fishing town. The 15th century was the most glorious century for Vollenhove, when fishermen were fishing for sturgeon. Vollenhove and Kampen grew into a hub for the sturgeon fishing industry.

Vollenhove became the one visitor centre of the northerly provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Overijssel. Drenthe was rejected as it was too poor. In the course of the years the town became derelict. The inhabitants of Vollenhove settled around the ruins of Toutenburg castle. The remains of the castle in Vollenhove are still visible. In World War II Vollenhove became important for work in the region as reclamation of the Noordoostpolder had started.

Nowadays the town of Vollenhove is flourishing. It has a lot of touristic access points for a reasonably small town. You can visit the harbour, the old tram station and the great Church of Vollenhove. Every year in August there is a flower parade. The town is known, even renowned for its many monumental buildings.

City Vollenhove
City Vollenhove
City Vollenhove
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    Overijssel, Holten

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    • At National Park De Sallandse Heuvelring
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