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Sport and play

“Hours of fun”

Indoor playground

The indoor playground at Camping de Holterberg is a fantastic play paradise for children. The indoor playground is located at the front of the camping by the car park. Here the kids can play in all weather conditions. Ideal!

Animal park

At the campsite we have an animal park with alpacas, a nandu, goats, ducks and chickens. You cannot walk in, but in the fence there are openings to feed the animals with old bread, vegetables or fruit.


Climbing, clambering and playing. There are all kinds of playgrounds scattered around the campsite. One is bigger than the other, but never far away. Near restaurant de Harbarg you will find a bigger playground with an air trampoline.

Air trampoline

In the playground near de Harbarg and the swimming pool is an air trampoline, where you can jump or do other tricks. Of course you have to take off your shoes!

Recreation room

Under the reception, in the main building, you will find the recreation room where every morning in the holidays we do crafts and play. The recreation team is present 6 days a week in the summer with all kinds of activities for young and old. The larger activities, such as bingo's, playback shows and musicals take place in restaurant de Harbarg.

Youth centre

Next to the covered playground is the youth centre "de Kakelhof", with a number of benches, darts boards and a TV with DVD player for chilling out.

Beach panna field

In the middle of the campsite you will find a beach panna field with football goals. You can also put up a net to play a game of beach volleyball. Will you be able to shoot the ball through your opponent's legs?

Table tennis

At the swimming pool there are 2 tennis tables; 1 normal table and 1 round table to play a game of table tennis with a group. Do you feel like having a game 'around the table'?


You can also play boules in the park. In front of the campsite, next to the air trampoline, is the boules pitch. Whether you are an experienced boules player or just want to have fun, fun is guaranteed!

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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